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The Advance Touch Switch is part of the CNG / LPG Electronic Circuit Unit and is installed in the vehicle dashboard near the driving seat.

How Switch Works:-

When the car starts, the orange light is ON which indicates the car is on petrol fuel, As we press the accelerator, it automatically switches to CNG Gas as it reaches the set rpm(programmed i.e. 1200 rpm) Greenlights become visible as the car is now running on CNG. These are the indications for petrol & CNG fuels. The number of Greenlights indicates the quantity of CNG available in the gas cylinder. Even if CNG is still available in a gas cylinder and you want to switch to petrol, then just press the switch once. It will be switched to petrol. You will not face any problems during fuel conversions. End of CNG Indication When the red light becomes visible, it means that CNG is in its last phase. It will still run a few km.