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Deals in BS6 Approved CNG Sequential and Conventional Kits in India. We are located in Center of Delhi and have a dealer network all over India and still expanding. We are with the highly skilled (R.D) and professional team to developed best and perfect suitable Sequential System for the Indian Market. Our R&D team keeps ourselves update and upgrade with International CNG Market.

We Highrise are the importer of CNG Sequential reducer (HIGHRISE), VCA & ICAT approved, CNG Injector Rail (HR-04) approved by ICAT, CNG High Pressure Pipe approved by ICAT, CNG Electronic Control Unit and CNG Pressure Gauge Is approved by Luxembourg Europe.

The Highrise brand is popular among its customers for its design and structure featured on the reliability and ease of installation. Company aims to reach to all its customers and its endeavor.

BS6 Approved CNG Gas Kit

The CNG and Compressed biological gas are environmentally familiar gaseous fuels. It is outstanding, reasonable and optional for diesel and petrol. To make it more effective you can acquire the CNG kit from the seller and also, install it in your car to decrease the cost of the fuel. This kit encompasses parts you can install in a vehicle and regulates it using CNG gas.

Using the CNG kit, you must install the CNG kit into your diesel and petrol car instead of buying the CNG car, you can buy a CNG kit and install it in your existing car more budget-friendly. A CNG kit contains the Pressure measure, Refilling valve, Electric and ECU Control unit and many more segments. Before purchasing and installing the CNG kit you need to find out if your car model has been consistent with Run on a CNG.

How Is BS6 Approved CNG Gas Kit Better Than Petrol?

There are many reasons available why? CNG Gas is better than other fuels and petrol. The CNG cylinder is stronger and heavier than the petrol. Another significant thing is the ignition point of the CNG is 540°C, which is approximately twofold the ignition degree of petrol and diesel. The CNG gas is lighter up in the air if any mishap air leak occurs. This thing makes this gas safe from other types of fuels and petrol.

The CNG car kit is gaining popularity over the other types of fuel because of its many benefits. The CNG car kit is not only good for the environment but also it is great fuel for the protection of safety standpoint.  Also, this is to secure your finances with the car insurance policy.

There are some benefits to choosing a CNG gas kit over petrol and fuels.


The blunt natural CNG gas is cheaper than fuels and petrol. CNG gas confirmed is a widespread sight in today’s era. This is possible due to several specialized advancements in the profession of automobiles. Nowadays many people are finding the substitute to replace the traditional fuels with cheaper optional ones; CNG gas which is not only budget-friendly but also gives a positive impact on the environment.


We all know that gases erupt from vehicles and are harmful to the environment and there are crucial causes of health issues; like Asthma, bronchitis and a bunch of major respiratory issues. In recent research, emission of such gases as carbon monoxide has been reduced by 80% in carriers running on CNG. It produced fewer hydrocarbons than other fuels and petrol.


CNG comes under one of the cleanest fuel types for vehicle engines. The reason behind this is it leaves much slight residue compared to diesel or petrol. Because of this, there is smaller damage to pipes and tubes of the engine. And the reaction of this increases the engine lifespan. The tinier contamination leads to fewer visits to the service centers. This is another advantage of CNG cars.


Keeping your car well-maintained is one of the important tasks. There are lots of benefits to maintaining the car daily. If the car is CNG fitted the lifespan of the car will be increased and there will be less contamination of the motor and pipes due to the fuel.

HR BS6 Approved CNG Gas Kit

HR BS6 Approved CNG Gas Kit is known for its quality products, it is meeting all security standards along with the compatible improvement functionally and design as per our client requirements. The HR CNG Gas kit structure was carried out by our experts under formal monitoring to ensure correct fitment and reliable safety.

Best CNG Gas Kit In India

HR BS6 Approved CNG Gas Kit in India is known for the best-quality product it has been making the headlines across India for the last few years. It is better than the regular fuel and petrol in terms of the efficiency. But also, it is an eco-friendly alternative across the region. Mileage and efficiency are one of the biggest features of having a CNG kit, and our product has both of the features also, CNG has cost less than the petrol and diesel cost hardly it is INR 20 or 30.

There are many features and efficiency to an HR CNG Gas kit, but not everyone ever repentance after buying the HR CNG Gas kit. There are some features to buy the best HR CNG has kit these are below;

  • Adequate Safety: Safety is our first concern in the comparison of diesel and petrol, CNG is not volatile which makes it safer if any, mishaps or accidents happen. CNG engines produced a shorter level of carbon dioxide that making our kit environmental free.
  • Expense Saving: The initial cost of installing a CNG kit in your car all-around 60,000 INR recovered in 2 to 3 years. CNG kit can save you money every time you refill the cylinder.

BS6 Approved Sequential CNG Gas Kit

The Sequential CNG Gas kit is generally known for utilising the natural gases in our vehicles. It helps us, saves money also, it helps us to reduce the pollution in the air. CNG is one of the inexpensive fuels that are available in the market to drive your car at a downward running cost with being performance. CNG kits are performing very well today and a large number of people have installed these CNG kits. Several types of government-approved Sequential CNG kits are available in the market today.

When we talk about HIGHRISE, we installed the reasonable Sequential CNG kits that can drive your car at the lowest maintenance. We are operating the fitment centres and installed all categories of admitted Sequential CNG kits into your car. We HR are Pioneers in the CNG Sequential kits and highly skilful.

BS6 Approved Conventional CNG Gas Kit

A conventional CNG reduced supplies of the CNG gas to the engine, via a locally made Air-gas mixture that is not supplied by a CNG kit manufacturer, it is conformed to the Air-intake of the engine.

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