The 6/8 cylinder ECU incorporates advanced technical features essential for contemporary automotive control systems:


32-bit DSP Single chip Control: Enables precise control with accuracy up to 0.01ms, optimizing engine performance and efficiency.
Versatile Sensor and Injector Compatibility: Supports a wide array of gas injectors and sensors, including level sensors and temperature sensors for strain minimization, allowing for flexible configuration based on vehicle requirements.
Injection System Compatibility: Suitable for multi-point sequential and batch injection systems, compliant with EU4, EU5, and EU6 emission standards.
Dual Gas Correction Modes: Includes MAP and K Main A modes for flexible gas injection strategies, facilitating easier calibration and adjustment.
Advanced Diagnostics: Features fuel and gas injector detection capabilities and a self-diagnostic function for the gas system, enhancing reliability through thorough monitoring and diagnosis of the fuel system.

These specifications highlight the 6/8 cylinder ECU’s capability to deliver precise control, adaptability to diverse engine setups, and compliance with stringent emission regulations, making it an optimal choice for enhancing vehicle performance and reliability in modern automotive applications.